Parental support is vital to us in maintaining the high standard of discipline, which we are used to at De Aston. In one area especially, we depend on your help - school uniform. Our uniform rules have been devised to try to achieve four objectives:

  • An identity with the school
  • Ready availability from suppliers
  • Concern for the dignity and reputation of both the wearer and of the school
  • Suitability for climate and seasons of the year

Look Smart — Feel Smart — Think Smart

With these aims in mind, we have tried to keep the rules as simple as possible. They do allow for some variation in what students can wear in school. Many items, which are acceptable in school, could also be worn outside school. Do please help us by checking each time your son or daughter comes to school that what he or she is wearing is within the rules.

Items are available from Lorna World contactable (telephone 01472 398184, website Rasen Uniform), Uniform Direct Telephone: 01522 510 016, Uniform Direct or at other suppliers.


Blazer De Aston school blazer with crest on pocket. Students may not roll up sleeves.
Tie Clip on De Aston school tie.
Shirt/Blouse Plain white formal school shirt, which must be buttoned to the top with no visible tops underneath. Shirts must be tucked in.
Sweater (optional) Plain black long sleeved V neck sweater or plain black sleeveless V neck sweater.
Girls' Skirts Formal straight, plain black knee length skirt. No lycra or similar material permitted..
Boys' Trousers Formal plain black trousers.
Girls' Trousers Formal plain black trousers.
Footwear Plain Black formal school shoes, with white or black socks/ black or neutral coloured tights.
Outdoor Coat Plain dark coloured coat: no hooded sweatshirt or any other form of sports top to be used as an outdoor coat.
Prohibited items and forms of dress Cardigans. Fashion belts. Scarves. Hats of any type. Trainer shoes. Canvas shoes. Any form of jewellery other than a single pair of ear studs. Any bracelets other than for medical alert. Facial piercings are not permitted except for a clear plastic, discreet retainer in the nose. Any form of revealing clothing that exposes flesh or underwear. Inappropriate hair colouring and style. Excessive use of make-up. Hair accessories inconsistent with a formal school uniform. Trousers that are overly tight or low-slung; this includes ‘jeggins’ and any trousers without a flare at the ankle. Earphones may not be worn. Tight or short skirts that don’t reach the knee in normal wear. Rolling up of skirts and blazer sleeves is not permitted. Wearing of long socks over the knee is not permitted.


Indoor uniform White polo shirt, black shorts, white ankle socks, trainers.
Outdoor uniform Black cotton Rugby shirt with reversible stripe, black football socks, football boots (boys only), shin pads, gum shield (optional), black Tracksuit bottoms (optional).

Please note:

  • In the gym, footwear should be gym shoes or bare feet.
  • Commercial team soccer shirts are not acceptable for PE use.
  • Students are not allowed to wear any jewellery for PE.
  • A note should accompany any child unable to take part in PE,
  • All items should be clearly named.


PE Kit and Participation Policy 



De Aston School Sixth Form sets high standards in all areas of school life. Our dress code reflects this and is important in setting the school’s climate and ethos.

Students are required to dress modestly and smartly – in a way that is suitable for an 11-18 school environment.

If the Head of Sixth Form or any member of the Senior Leadership Team deems a student to be unsuitably dressed, the school reserves the right to ask students to return home to change and dress appropriately. If it is not possible to return home then the student may be asked to work in a supervised location.

  • Smart shorts (not sport shorts) may be worn but these must be plain and of at least knee length.
  • Smart jeans may be worn, but must not be ripped.
  • Skirts and dresses must be of a suitable length for decency, mid-thigh as a guide.
  • Leggings/jeggings/tights etc. are permitted with a suitable top/skirt/dress which again is of reasonable length to reach mid-thigh.
  • Clothing in general should not be skimpy or low cut. Students’ backs, midriffs or underwear should not be visible. Crop tops, vest tops etc. are not permitted.
  • Footwear should be appropriate for school (no flip flops, open toed shoes/sandals, or excessively high heels).
  • Hoodies and t shirts may be worn but these must not carry potentially offensive slogans or pictures.
  • Make-up, nail varnish and jewellery may be worn but should not be excessive. Students can wear discrete ear rings and one discrete nose stud (visible tattoos or extremes of hairstyle/colour are not permitted).
  • Hats/scarves/gloves/coats must not be worn inside the school building.
  • Headphones must not be worn in school building or in bus queues. Headphones can be worn in designated areas only.

Suitability of clothing depends on subject choice, for example shorts may not be appropriate for workshops and laboratories etc. Students will be required to dress appropriately and to suit the lesson environment they are in.

Final word on what is deemed suitable rests jointly with the Head of Sixth Form and the Headteacher.