Making curriculum choices in Year 9 is a very important part of your time in school and is an opportunity for you to take control of your education and shape the way you want your future to be. You are about to make the most important decisions in your school life so far.

At the start of Year 10 you will begin the courses that will result in you gaining your first set of qualifications. The choices you make may also influence what course or job you decide to do after Year 11 and hopefully help you move onto your next step towards achieving your dreams and aspirations.

We want you to leave Year 11 with the best set of qualifications you could ever hope for and we will work as hard as we can to help you reach them. This is the first stage in that process; helping you choose the right subjects. It is so important you get these decisions right and that is why we believe that we should make these choices together.


How do I make these important decisions?

Remember that you are not alone in making these decisions; everyone in Year 9 is going through the same process. Parents, carers, friends and family will be able to guide, advise and support you in this important decision-making process.


Year 9 Options Booklet

Year 9 Options Form