A range of courses are taught within the department, including: Citizenship; Ethics; Sociology; Psychology, and; the Extended Project.


Head of Department

Mr J Clarkson


Pencil, eraser, ruler, two pens.


There is a Student Council that represents every year group and is an important part of decision-making in the school.

Within the Social Sciences and in the upper years the emphasis is in supporting students to achieve through departmental lunchtime support sessions for subjects such as Sociology and Psychology. Moreover, opportunities to extend learning beyond the classroom are encouraged, either as part of planned visits or when identified as opportunities that are pursued individually by students.


There are a range of appropriate websites including www.bbc.co.uk The importance of finding the most appropriate source is emphasised and therefore identifying how to use a search engine such as www.google.co.uk and then analysing and referencing a source is of greater importance than specific websites.


Citizenship is taught discretely in one-hour lessons as it is considered fundamentally important. Indeed, it is an important part of ensuring the school’s aims of producing students who become good citizens of the 21st Century. The range of content taught across the department is broad but has application both to young people now and in the future, whether they aspire to be a lawyer, sociologist, psychiatrist, politician or British citizen!

Content for Citizenship can be found using the following web-link:


Content for Sociology can be found using the following web-links:



Content for Psychology can be found using the following web-link:


Content for L3 EPQ can be found using the following web-link: