Our aim is to provide our learners with the skills and techniques required to capture thought-provoking images. This is done by using cameras and experimenting with shutter speeds, apertures, ISO levels and compositional rules so that the learner is dictating what the camera captures.  Together with this, exploring different materials and processes to alter the way an image looks and works on several levels.

The learners will investigate artists and photographers who have become iconic within their specialised areas and take inspiration, from what they have created, into their own work.

Our themes are set-up to guide and lead the learner into the varied genres of photography, helping them to become not only more confident in their camera techniques but in their ability to interact with others, their subjects and the world around them.

This in turn will help to create an appreciation of different styles of work that have been influenced by people, societies and cultures from around the world.


Please contact Photography Teacher Mr G Taylor for further information.



Each learner will need to have their own digital camera. This must be a Bridge camera at least so that they can select the manual functions. Advice on the types of camera suitable can be provided.


The learners will undertake extensive work outside of the class room in particular the capturing of the images required for each section of work. The department facilities are available to use during lesson time, lunchtimes and after school, where learners are always welcome to work on their current projects or just experiment with their own ideas. We have a well-equipped department with the industry standard Photoshop available along with other editing software. A pop-up studio with Elinchrom lighting gives the opportunity to experiment with portrait and still life photography. The learners have access to use the department Canon EOS camera when using the studio and lighting.


  • Year 12 will cover all that there is to know regarding the technical aspects of setting up a digital camera and capturing images in both automatic and manual modes.
  • Contextual studies will be carried out on a variety of artists and photographers to explore the influences that have dictated their work.
  • The learners will carry out a variety of projects that will focus on particular skills and techniques associated with camera, settings, compositional rules and contextual studies.
  • Year 12 will carry out a mock exam based on the previous year’s theme, being given the same amount of preparation time and focused time.


  • Year 13 will begin with a Personal Study that will investigate a topic relevant to photography. This will be a piece of text of around 3000 words and a notebook that is used as a research document where learners can make notes, sketches and experiment with practise images from a variety of locations.
  • Year 13 will then finish with an externally set exam based on a theme given by the exam board. Within the exam paper there will be a suggestion of starting points, artists and photographers that may be used as a stimulus to start their work. Several weeks of preparatory work will be carried out which then leads to a 15 hour sustained focus under examination conditions, which will culminate in the learners producing a final piece or pieces based on the theme.