De Aston School Academy Trust

Willingham Road,

Market Rasen,


LN8 3RF,

Tel:01673 843415,

Fax:01673 840823,


Email contacts:

Headteacher: Mr S Porter

Deputy Headteacher: Mr M Bray

Deputy Headteacher: Mr P Williams




General enquires are handled by Mrs L Kuhl in the School Office. Please either phone the school or use the general enquiries email address ( Your request will be passed on to the member of staff best able to assist you.

After the School Office, the Tutor is always the first link between home and school. Please contact your child's Tutor for all routine administrative matters. If you wish to speak to someone at school about work or welfare, please ring or write for an appointment to see the Tutor. (Tutors have a full teaching programme, so they are unlikely to be available if you have not arranged a time to meet.) Requests in advance for leave of absence should be addressed in writing to the Head of Year.

Your child's happiness is paramount

If a matter needs urgent advice, guidance or discussion, please ring and ask to speak to the Head of Year. The Deputy Heads will be pleased to see parents about critically urgent problems, which parents feel, should be referred to them. Making an appointment may well save you time. When you do visit the school, please report to the reception area in the main foyer.

We do welcome your coming to see us individually or ringing to discuss a problem.

Finally, if you do have any anxieties, we would rather be bothered unnecessarily than let you brood over them. It sometimes happens that parents spot the beginnings of a problem before we do - but do not mention it to us until the situation has reached crisis proportions because, as one parent said, "we didn't like to bother you." Please, our job is to be bothered about your sons and daughters.



Title Name Role
Mr S Porter Headteacher
Mr M Bray Deputy Headteacher
Mr P Williams Deputy Headteacher
Mrs V Davies Assistant Headteacher
Mr Neil Huddlestone Assistant Headteacher
Mr S Healy Assistant Headteacher
Mr A Quinlan Assistant Headteacher



Title Name Role
Mr J Atherton ICT Teacher HoD
Miss J Barnes Sports Teacher/ HoY
Mr S Benzie Media Teacher/HoY
Mrs E Bibby Languages Teacher
Mr M Brolly Science Teacher
Miss R Cann Mathematics Teacher
Mrs L Chapman Drama Teacher
Miss G Clark English Teacher
Mr J Clarkson Social Science Teacher HoD
Miss C Clayton Technology Teacher
Miss C Clayton Geography Teacher
Mrs H Craven Geography Teacher
Mr P Cutts History Teacher/ SENCO
Mr M Dalton Geography Teacher HoD
Mr C Dickinson Technology Teacher HoD
Mrs E Everton Sports/Vocational Teacher
Mr F Fouchet Mathematics Teacher
Miss S Futter Sports Teacher/ HoY
Mr T Gramson RE Teacher HoD
Miss R Green Art Teacher
Ms K Greenwood Drama Teacher HoD
Mr J Haigh Business Studies Teacher HoD
Mr K Halsall English Teacher
Mr J Hillsmith Science Teacher/ HoY
Mr L Holden Sports Teacher
Miss A Inkster Languages Teacher
Ms J Johnson Languages Teacher HoD
Mr P Jones Science Teacher
Miss M Laine English Teacher
Mrs E Masterman English Teacher
Mrs C Mead English Teacher
Mr J Miller Sports Teacher/HoY
Mrs N Newell Science Teacher
Mr  B Nicholson Science Teacher
Mrs K Oliver Languages Teacher
Ms D Olsen ICT Teacher
Mr  S Pashley Music Teacher
Miss E Patrick Geography Teacher
Miss S Peacock English Teacher HoD
Mrs K Perkins Technology Teacher
Mr D Pollard Art Teacher - HoD
Mrs  N Potter Science Teacher
Ms R Race History Teacher/HoY
Mr D Randall History Teacher HoD
Miss L Rose Mathematics Teacher
Mrs E Reynolds English Teacher
Mrs K Rivett Social Science Teacher/HoSF
Ms H Singh ICT Teacher
Mr M Smith Mathematics Teacher
Mrs K Southern Music Teacher HoD
Miss L Storr Science Teacher
Mr G Stout Science Teacher HoD
Mr G Taylor Technology Teacher
Miss V Tomlinson Vocational Teacher
Mrs L Varcoe Mathematics Teacher
Mr D Willars Vocational Teacher HoD
Mr H Williams Sports Teacher HoD
Mr J Wood Mathematics Teacher HoD



Title Name Role
Mrs K Alderdice Laundry Assistant
Mrs K Atkin House Parent
Ms R Atkinson TA Level 2
Miss H Bailey Senior Behaviour ISO / Cover
Mrs T Boulton Disadvantaged Achievement Coordinator
Mrs V Bradford Exams Invigilator
Mrs M Branston Domestic Assistant
Mr P Bruce ICT/Media Technician
Mr S Bunney TA Level 1
Mrs D Bygrave Domestic Assistant
Mrs P Cattell Independent Listener
Mrs L Chambers House Parent
Mrs M Charman Exams Invigilator
Mr R Charman Exams Invigilator
Mrs J Chatterton Education Welfare Officer
Miss L Clark Exams Invigilator
Mrs  L Coultas Science Technician
Mrs D Coupland Exams Invigilator
Mr N Crofts ICT Technician
Mrs J Crow Midday Supervisor
Mr S Davies ICT Network Manager
Mrs E Dickinson Technology Technician
Mr M Drewitt Handyman / Grounds Keeper
Mrs N Erentraut House Parent
Mrs V Ewington Finance Assistant
Mr R Foley Work Experience / Cover Supervisor
Miss E Galloway House Parent / Graduate Inter
Miss D Gawthorpe Midday Supervisor
Ms K Gittens TA Level 1
Mrs J Graves Reprographics Assistant
Mrs A Harris Administrator
Mrs H Heyn Science Technician
Mr C Higgins Senior TA
Mrs C Hobson PR, Communications and Marketing Officer
Mr T Hotchin Finance Director
Mrs V Hoyle Isolation Manager
Mr  S Jeeves Caretaker
Mr  T Jenkinson Graduate Intern
Mr R Johnson House Parent / Isolation Assistant
Mrs S Kaur Exams Invigilator
Mr L Kettlewell TA- Level 1
Miss R King Boarding Intern
Mrs L Kuhl Administrator
Mrs S Marriott Admin Assistant
Mrs A McNeill Head's PA
Mrs J Norburn Exams Invigilator
Mr J Norburn Exams Invigilator
Miss V Parkinson Exams Invigilator
Mrs H Robinson ISO EAL
Mrs D Robson ISO English
Mr A Shaw Premises Manager
Miss D Sheldrick Boarding Assistant
Mr P Shepherdson Senior House Parent
Miss  N Simister Most Able Achievement Coordinator
Mrs E Smart-Turner Domestic Assistant
Mrs L Spencer Admin Assistant
Mrs D Stevenson TA Level 1
Mrs J Taylor Administrator / Clerk to the Governors
Ms H Tipper TA Level 1
Miss E Tooby Exams and Reports Assistant
Miss M Toon Finance and HR Assistant
Miss C Turner Exams Invigilator
Mrs P Uprichard Exams Invigilator
Mr L Warman Additional Needs / Cover
Mr E Wilkinson Caretaker
Mrs S Williams ISO Mathematics
Mrs P Young Exams / Reports Officer