Design and Technology (D&T) is the inspiring, rigorous and practical subject which prepares all young people to live and work in the designed and made world.

Design and Technology is about providing opportunities for students to develop their capability, combining their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to create quality products.


Please contact Head of Department Mr C Dickinson for further information.



  • All of the standard school equipment: Pen, Pencil, Ruler etc.
  • All materials are provided in years 7, 8 and 9.
  • Most materials are provided in years 10 and 11. If the student is using non stock materials or excessive amounts then they may need to provide the materials (a voluntary contribution is usually asked for at the end of the course when the practical work goes home).


  • DT Workshops open each lunchtime for additional work.
  • Hand puppet sewing club on Thursday lunchtime for all students.


Please contact the Head of Department for this information.


  • Personal Identity- Designing logos
  • Plastics- Designing and making a product in acrylic
  • Woods-Designing and making a product in wood
  • Metals- Designing and making a product in metal


  • Structures & Mechanisms – Researching and modelling the four stroke engine, making products with a mechanism and learning about forces in structures and mechanisms.
  • Graphics – Designing packaging and use of the vacuum former to make blister packages.
  • Electronics – Designing an electronic product, building the PCB and making the product for the circuit board to go in.


  • Topics
  • Graphics- CAD Design Designing and modelling a kitchen in CAD and using traditional modelling.
  • Systems and Control- Using software to write programmes to control machinery and systems. Programming micro possessors to control outputs.
  • Product Design- Designing and making a product to the point of sale.