Students and Staff are able to use Microsoft 365

Use your school account to login.Office 365

Students and staff are able to use Remote Desktop from home by following this link:

Login using the domain "mrdea" followed by a backslash (\), then your username.

Mac users can also download "Remote Desktop" from the App store and use all Windows features offered by our server's.

Once you have downloaded the App, from the App store, run the "Microsoft Remote Desktop" application and add a new server using the address "". Again use "mrdea" for the domain name followed by "\" and use your school account for username and password, if you add this address to your Remote Resources tab then so long as you have an internet connection our apps will always be available for use.

Image of Apple Store remote desktop downlad

When successfully logged in, you will see the this screen showing all available applications that can be used. RDP can be used to log on to one of our server's allowing access too your "My Documents" folder and the student share "V: drive"

screen shot of school desktop upon login

Wifi Certificate for BYOD network

Bring your own Device

If you have an apple or android device and you are using our BYOD network then you need to install this if you wish to use the internet

If asked for a name, use De Aston School and choose Wi-Fi under Credential use.